PC Interfaces

Ophir Power/Energy Meters - PC Interfaces - Juno

Compact USB Interface that turns your PC into an Ophir power & energy meter.

Works with all standard Ophir sensors.

Quasar – Wireless Power and Energy Meter

Quasar wireless Bluetooth, sensor to PC interface A whole new way to measure laser power/energy. Just plug any Ophir smart sensor into Quasar and it will broadcast to any PC or laptop with 10 meters.

Pulsar - laser power meter , Pulsar - laser energy meter

With the Pulsar-4 ,Pulsar-2 and Pulsar-1 series, you can connect up to 4 sensors to each box, monitor each pulse at up to 20KHz and utilize the built in external trigger.

laser power meter - USB Interface

Using the USB Interface, you can connect one or several sensors to the PC by using one module for each sensor and if necessary, a USB hub.


Use the compatibility table to find out which sensors work with these products.


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