OEM Products

Many laser systems manufacturers need to have a measuring capability built into their systems. With extensive experience accumulated in the field, Ophir offers the largest variety of OEM products and is therefore best able to satisfy customer requirements.
An OEM solution is usually needed to monitor laser performance in the system, and possibly to provide fast feedback for system control.

Depending on your application, various configurations can be used, such as:

  • Just a sensor, with raw analog output
  • Sensor with electronics providing an amplified – or digital – output
  • Complete instrument, including numeric display and/or PC interface
  • Custom designed solution for special requirements

Ophir Power/Energy Meters - OEM Products - Thermal OEM Heads

Ophir offers OEM power sensors for:

  • Lasers: CO2, YAG, Argon, Excimer, Cu vapor, Ruby, Holmium, Erbium, Dye, Diode and more
  • Power: mW to kW
  • Energy: mJ to hundreds of Joules
  • Cooling: water, air or conduction

Read the Thermal OEM sensor tutorial.


Ophir Power/Energy Meters - OEM Products - Pyroelectric OEM Heads

Ophir makes three kinds of pyroelectric OEM sensors:

  • Low profile pyro sensors with no electronics; comes with a BNC output to connect to the host electronics.
  • Low profile smart sensors to be used with Ophir smart display.
  • Compact pyroelectric sensors with built-in amplifiers and signal conditioners which put out a voltage proportional to energy

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