High Power - ModeCheck™ - A New Method to Assure the Performance of High Power CO2 Lasers

  • Beam Profiler for collimated 50W-5kW, 10.6um wavelength, beam width up to 30mm.
  • Quality Cutting, Marking, Drilling & Ablating Require More Than Consistent Laser Power
  • Instantaneously “see” and measure the beam - reduce set-up time between jobs
  • Real-time “mode burns” - eliminate hazardous acrylic vapors
  • Optimize laser efficiency - reduce cost per part
  • Predict laser preventative maintenance - increase manufacturing efficiency
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Death Of The Mode Burn
Importance of CO2 Laser Measurements
Watch the ModeCheck video
ModeCheck is designed for the industrial parts manufacturer to reduce the time it takes to change over between different jobs. The user can quickly place the ModeCheck in front of the laser and see and measure, in real-time, the laser beam profile to confirm optimal laser performance. In addition, and when used periodically, the user can compare measurement changes from the same set-up and make necessary laser adjustments, keeping the laser output constant for the same job from day-to-day. Over time the user will be able to see and measure laser degradation to predict and advance schedule down-time needed for periodic maintenance.
ModeCheck eliminates operator exposure to acrylic mode burn hazards while improving product quality and manufacturing efficiency.
In addition to both 2D and 3D graphical image display and save, the following measurements are made from each image:
  • Beam Widths and Diameters
  • Beam Position Stability
  • Power Density Peak
  • Beam Centroid Location
  • Elliptical Analysis with Major Axis Orientation
It’s just this easy.
  1. Remove Focusing optic
  2. Locate the beam center with pointing beam or similar device
  3. Place ModeCheck in beam center
  4. Turn on Laser
  5. Instantly see, measure and electronically store the beam characteristics
Optional Accessories
One must manage the pass-through laser beam by collecting the beam using either a power meter or beam dump. We recommend using a power meter as the additional measurement information will assist in managing laser optimization. Note that any beam dump or power meter large enough to handle 5kW will require water cooling. There are holes on the bottom of ModeCheck for mounting the Power Meter Head or Beam Dump.

A PC is required to run the ModeCheck imaging software. The camera is powered over the USB cable that connects the computer to ModeCheck.

A ruggedized storage/carrying case is highly recommended for safe and efficient handling.
  ModeCheck makes instantaneous beam measurements along with graphically displaying both the 2D and 3D power density distribution

Software 32/64 Bit Compatibility

Model ModeCheck
Laser Input Power 50-5000 Watts
Input Clear Aperture 50mm (~2")
Beam Width 5mm - 30mm
Pick-off Percent 0.5%, 1%, 2%, 4%, 10% sampling wands; user replaceable
Damage Threshold 27 - 36 W/cm2; See graph
Camera 1/3" format CMOS, 640x480, 6μm pixel, 8bit,
CS-mount, USB2
Lens 25mm C-mount
Cooling Built in Fan (water required for the optional beam dump or optional power meter sensor)
UV Light Source LED array
Software ModeCheck v5.0
Power Requirements Input: 100-240 Vac, 50-60Hz, 1.5A
Output: 12Vdc, 5.0A, w/power jack, UL listed and CE compliant
universal power supply included Camera is powered over the USB port
Dimensions 9.5" x 13" x 6.7"
242mm x 330mm x 171mm
Not including handle and cabling or any options
Weight ~8 lbs
Beam Dump (optional) Water cooled and rated for 5kW total power
Power Meter (optional) 5000W-SH; up to 5kW total power
10kW-SH-V2; up to 10kW total power
Laptop Computer Provided by user; Vista-32 or Windows 7 is required
Compliance Unit meets CE and RoHS requirements

The optional rugged case is recommended for safe storage in an industrial facility
Safe Operation is to the Right of the Solid line. Image Saturation is approximately the Dashed line. Chose a sampling Wand that contains your beams maximum power and minimum diameter to be near but below the dashed line for safe and best beam viewing. Damage and Saturation Power vs Beam Dia
      Item Description P/N  
  MODECHECK CO2-5kW ModeCheck, CO2 sampler for 10.6μm beams up to 5kW, beam width up to 30mm; includes 2 user selectable wands from selection below SP90211  
  0.5% wand 0.5% beam wand sampler, see damage and saturation chart SP90324  
  1% wand 1% beam wand sampler, see damage and saturation chart SP90325  
  2% wand 2% beam wand sampler, see damage and saturation chart SP90326  
  4% wand 4% beam wand sampler, see damage and saturation chart SP90327  
  10% wand 10% beam wand sampler, see damage and saturation chart SP90283  
  Beam Dump; 5kW Beam dump for up to 5kW continuous, includes mounting bracket, requires continuous water flow. SP90224  
  5000W-SH Power sensor, measure CO2 power up to 5000W; water cooling needed 7Z02119  
  Mounting Hardware, 5000W detector Mounting hardware for 5kW power sensor. Required when ordering the 5000W-SH sensor SP90212  
  10kW-SH-V2 Power sensor, measure CO2 power up to 10,000W; water cooling needed 7Z02645  
  Mounting Hardware, 10,000W detector Mounting hardware for 10KW power sensor. Required when ordering the 10kW-SH-V2 sensor SP90213  
  ModeCheck storage/carrying case Ruggedized ModeCheck storage/carrying case SP90227  
  Collimating 2” Lens Adapter ModeCheck Lens Adapter (MLA) enables a ModeCheck to recollimate a focused CO2 laser beam. MLA should be ordered with the ModeCheck so that it can be factory installed. SP90329  
  Beam Profilers Beam Profilers Catalog
129 pages (6.46 MB )
  ModeCheck ModeCheck User Guide
83 pages (6.37 MB )
  ModeCheck Optional 10% ModeCheck Wand User Note
3 pages (216 KB )
  ModeCheck USER NOTE, ModeCheck Collimating 2” Lens Adapter
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