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Using the ModeScan 1780 Calculator
ModeScan 1780 Calculator
Watch the Instantaneous M2 Measurement video
The ModeScan Model 1780 is a laser beam profiling instrument that measures the M² Beam Propagation Ratio and all associated ISO 11146 parameters instantaneously in real time at video rates to over 20Hz. The measurement technique, patented by Photon Inc., uses 10 reflective surfaces to form simultaneous images of the propagating beam at 10 locations on a Model 2512 CCD array camera. With all ten measurement positions acquired at once, the instrument is suitable for measurement of both CW and pulsed lasers down to single-shot rates. Beam diameters are obtained with NIST-traceable accuracy to better than 2% using the BeamPro. This translates to M² measurements with accuracy to ~5%. The FireWire system operates under Photon’s BeamPro in Microsoft Windows. The compactness of the system and the IEEE 1394a FireWire interface offers enhanced ease-of-use and portability. The ability to operate in any orientation allows for easy placement on any optical bench and saves valuable bench space.

The CCD is sensitive from ~250nm to 1100nm wavelengths. The standard configuration is supplied with a glass OD 2.8 C-mount neutral density filter for wavelengths >360nm, and an OD 3.0 Fused Silica Inconel neutral density filter for wavelengths <360nm. Because of the limited usefulness of exposure control with pulsed lasers, the Photon Inc. Model ATP is recommended for use with pulsed lasers with repetition rate <~10kHz and wavelength >360nm. For pulsed lasers with wavelength <360nm, a variable UV filter or a combination of UV filters will generally be required.

Software 32/64 Bit Compatibility

ModeScan Model 1780 System Specifications
Sensor Si CCD 1/2" Format
Wavelength ~360nm – ~1100nm (Standard with OD 2.8 filter)
~250nm – ~1100nm with UV optics
Pixel Array 780 (H) × 580 (V)
Pixel Size 8.3μm × 8.3μm
Array Dimension 6.49mm × 4.83mm
Scanning Mode Progressive
CCD Cover Glass Removed
Beam Splitters Fused Silica: <20/10 Scratch Dig, l/10 Flatness
Test Lenses
UV: ~250 – 460nm
Visible : 425 – 720nm
VIS – NIR; 620 – 1080n
200mm fl Fused Silica/250 – 460nm AR coated standard
200mm fl BK7/425 – 720nm AR coated standard
200mm fl BK7/620 – 1080nm AR coated standard
other fl's optional for all wavelengths
Fixed Attenuator: Visible – NIR
OD 2.8 Absorbing Glass >360nm
OD 3.0 Fused Silica Inconel 250 – 450nm
A / D Conversion 12 Bit
Maximum Frame Rate 35.8fps (full frame @ full resolution)
Exposure range 20μs–27.64ms (Software selectable via 1394 bus)
Gain 0–12dB (Software selectable via 1394 bus)
Trigger Internal or External (Software selectable)
External Trigger Specifications 5V ±1V @ 10mA ±5mA (Positive transition)
Trigger Connector 10 pin RJ-45 Jack
Trigger Cable 10 pin RJ-45 to BNC 1.8m
Interface IEEE 1394a (FireWire)
IEEE 1394 Cabl 1.8m
Supply Voltage +8V – +36V DC (+12V DC nominal), <1% ripple (supplied via IEEE 1394 cable); requires external powered hub with
laptop PCs
Supply Power 3.5W max @ 12V DC (typical)
Filter/Lens Mount C-mount (1" – 32 tpi)
Mounting Gimbal Mount on ½" post; 12mm Metric post optional
Dimensions in mm 62 H × 140 W × 210 L , + Gimbal Mount
Weight ~1.4kg
Operating Temperature O° – +50°C (+32° – 112F)
Humidity 20% – 80%, relative, non-condensing
Conformity CE; FCC; RoHS and WEEE
      Item Description P/N  
ModeScan 1780 M² System with Fire Wire BeamPro  
  MS-1780 ModeScan Model 1780, dedicated M² measurement system, with 12-bit FireWire (IEEE 1394a) CCD detector for single-shot, pulsed and CW lasers. System includes: ModeScan with gimbaled mount for alignment; FireWire CCD camera; Photon FireWire BeamPro Acquisition and Analysis Software standalone GUI with M² Analysis; Active X automation interface; 200mm lens coated for Visible range (400– 700nm); OD 2.8 glass filter for operation >360nm; Dimensions: 62mm x 140mm x 210mm; For use from 250–1100nm wavelengths - UV and NIR operation will require additional specifically coated optics. PH00096  
  MS 1780 Lens Kits All lens kits contain 200mm, 250mm, 400mm, 500mm, 750mm and 1m focal length coated lens with mounting hardware and MS-Tube Kit.    
  MS-NIR Kit Set of lenses coated for operation in NIR (700–1100nm) PH00111  
  MS-VIS Kit Set of lenses coated for operation in VIS (400–700nm) PH00104
  MS-UV Kit Set of lenses coated for operation in UV (250–400nm) PH00097
  MS-YAG Kit Set of all the available lenses for all wavelengths (MS-NIR,VIS and UV Kits combined) and MS-Tube Kit PH00118
  MS-TUBE Kit Set of C-Mount tubes to mount lenses to the MS-1780. Includes 100mm, 50mm, 40mm, 25mm, 10mm and 50-90mm adjustable focusing tube PH00127
  ModeScan 1780 Accessories
  UV Lens Kit
(MS-UV kit)
UV lenses are all fused silica plano-convex and coated for UV
wavelengths 250-400nm
  UV200 200mm focal length lens PH00098
  UV250 250mm focal length lens PH00099
  UV350 350mm focal length lens PH00100
  UV500 500mm focal length lens PH00101
  UV750 750mm focal length lens PH00102
  UV1000 1000mm focal length lens PH00103
  MS-VIS Lens Kit (MS-VIS kit) Visible (VIS) lenses are all BK 7 plano-convex and coated for visible
wavelengths 450–650nm
  VIS200 200mm focal length lens PH00105
  VIS250 250mm focal length lens PH00106
  VIS400 400mm focal length lens PH00107
  VIS500 500mm focal length lens PH00108
  VIS750 750mm focal length lens PH00109
  VIS1000 1000mm focal length lens PH00110
  MS-NIR Lens Kit
(MS-NIR kit)
NIR lenses are all BK-7 Plano-convex and coated for NIR wavelengths 700-1100nm PH00111
  NIR200 200mm focal length lens PH00112
  NIR250 250mm focal length lens PH00113
  NIR400 400mm focal length lens PH00114
  NIR500 500mm focal length lens PH00115
  NIR750 750mm focal length lens PH00116
  NIR1000 1000mm focal length lens PH00117
  Extension and Focusing Tubes
  CM-EXT100 100mm long C-Mount extension tube for mounting lenses outside ModeScan 1780 Box PH00119
  CM-EXT50 50mm long C-Mount extension tube for mounting lenses outside ModeScan 1780 Box PH00120
  CM-EXT40 40mm long C-Mount extension tube for mounting lenses outside ModeScan 1780 Box PH00121
  CM-EXT25 25mm long C-Mount extension tube for mounting lenses outside ModeScan 1780 Box PH00122
  CM-EXT10 10mm long C-Mount extension tube for mounting lenses outside ModeScan 1780 Box PH00123
  FOCTUBE20-30 C-Mount fine thread focus tube with 20–30mm adjustable length for focus of lenses mounted to extension tubes PH00124
  FOCTUBE30-50 C-Mount fine thread focus tube with 30–50mm adjustable length for focus of lenses mounted to extension tubes PH00125
  FOCTUBE50-90 C-Mount fine thread focus tube with 50–90mm adjustable length for focus of lenses mounted to extension tubes PH00126
  MS-TUBE Kit Tube Kit for MS-1780 PH00127
  Beam Profilers Beam Profilers Catalog
129 pages (6.46 MB )
  ModeScan 1780 Manual ModeScan 1780 Manual
156 pages (3.54 MB )