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BeamGage® Version 6.1, The Company's Next
Generation Laser Beam Analysis Software.

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Measure laser beam width precisely with
little or no attenuation

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NanoScan for NIST Traceable Beam Profile
and Focused Spot Measurements.

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Non-contact, Focus Spot Size and Position monitor
for high power YAG and Fiber lasers

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Automatic ISO based measurements for
waist characteristics.

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  • World leader with the largest installed base of  laser beam profiling. Spiricon-Photon provides a complete solution for your laser measurement needs from EUV-THZ(Far IR) and nW-KW.
  • Unmatched accuracy We're dedicated to giving you the most accurate measurements possible. Our baseline correction algorithm is the basis for ISO 11146-3, the ISO standard for accuracy when making beam measurements.
  • Customizable layout our system is flexible so you can create the perfect setup for production environments, as well as the most rigorous scientific research.
  • Cutting edge technology we spend more on R&D than any of our competitors ensuring that our products are not only the most precise in the industry but easy to use and highly reliable.
  • Full support our customers always come first. With worldwide presence, we are always there to help you get the most out of your system; either by phone or in person.

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