High-Quality Znse Lenses for High-Power CO2 Lasers

CO2 Laser Lenses

Standard AR coating: Duralens™ Low absorption coating: Black Magic™ Ultra low absorption coating: Clear Magic™
Cu Water cooled mirrors for CO2 laser have cooling system.  a proper cooling of the optical surface ensures that the mirror is less inclined to thermal expansion.

CO2 Laser Beam Delivery Mirrors

Plano Cu & Si mirrors Water cooled Cu mirrorsSpherical mirrors
optical laser cavity / optical resonator has mirrors placed at both ends: output coupler (PR) and rear mirror (EM). In order to optimize power and spatial profile of the laser beam, the output coupler and rear mirror have curvatures.

CO2 Laser Cavity Mirrors

Output couplers End mirrors Total reflectors
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CO2 Laser Optics

Ophir’s CO2 laser optics division, the world’s 2nd largest OEM supplier, brings innovation at ultra-competitive prices to CO2 laser lenses and mirrors.

Ophir's CO2 Optics Division offers a full range of CO2 Laser Optics and CO2 laser spare parts for High power CO2 lasers. The replacement laser optics and components includes: Focusing lenses, Beam-delivery laser mirrors: Silicon (Si) Mirrors and Copper (Cu) Mirrors and Cavity optics: Output couplers (partial reflectors), Rear Mirrors (Ge ,GaAs) and Total Reflectors Windows and Optics maintenance tools.