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  • RFID chip embedded
  • Patented technology licensed by Trumpf
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1 Micron Optics

By Ophir Optronics

  • Best Performance
  • superior Coating
  • Low Absorption
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High Reflection mirrors

  • Improved performance
  • Prolong product life
  • Maximize reflection
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CO2 Laser Optics and Fiber Laser Optics

Ophir’s CO2 laser optics division, the world’s 2nd largest OEM supplier, brings innovation at ultra-competitive prices to CO2 laser lenses and mirrors.
Ophir's CO2 Optics Division offers a full range of CO2 Laser Optics and CO2 laser spare parts for High power CO2 lasers. The replacement laser optics and components includes: Focusing lenses, Beam-delivery laser mirrors: Silicon (Si) Mirrors and Copper (Cu) Mirrors and Cavity optics: Output couplers (partial reflectors), Rear Mirrors (Ge ,GaAs) and Total Reflectors Windows and Optics maintenance tools.
Ophir’s deliver OEM-approved optics for fiber and disc lasers The 1 micron optics properties includes ultra-low absorption (<50 ppm at 1.03-1.07 microns), a focal length tolerance of ±0.5% and a laser-damage threshold of >10J Ophir supply Fiber lenses and protective windows as well as high reflection windows for the 1.03-1.07 wavelength .