You have a laser beam profiler. Want an iPad?

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So, you’ve been profiling your laser beam for a while?

Share a picture of your beam profile and you could win an iPad. Read the full article

Laser Power Meter and Sensor Compatibility

Laser Power Meter and Sensor Compatibility

Ophir laser power sensors have a smart head which allows for complete plug-and-play, where any sensor works with any meter.  The smart head stores all the sensor settings (such as calibration information) so they are saved even when using a different power meter. Read the full article

Wavelength Guide for Thermal Laser Power Sensors

Thermal Coating wavelenght Range

Thermal laser power sensors have various coatings used to absorb the laser heat.  Each coating has its own absorption per wavelength graph which means that each coating also has its own range of calibrated wavelengths. Read the full article

How to Measure Laser Exposure

Laser exposure measurement screen set to stop after 500 pulses

Usually, laser measurement focuses on power or energy, (or both). In some cases, however, the total energy exposure needs to be measured. Exposure means the sum of all the energy that hits the target (be it metal, electronic wafer, or human skin).
Two common cases where exposure is key are medical lasers and photolithography. In both cases the laser energy is not enough. One needs to ensure that the patient or wafer gets the correct dose of laser energy (in total).
So how do you measure laser exposure? Read the full article

Long Distance Between Sensor and Meter


Sometimes you may need a longer-than-standard distance between your laser power/energy meter and your sensor. In this video, you will learn about the various solutions available from Ophir for this. watch the video

The 2014 Laser Measurement Catalog is Here!

2014 Laser Measurement Catalog

Imagine spending hours on the internet searching for the highest power laser measurement sensor.  Search after search and you’re still not sure you’ve exhausted all the options.

Now picture instead that the moment you begin to wonder, you just open up your laser measurement folder, and there – in one PDF file – are the answers to all your questions. keep reading and Download the free Catalog.

How to Use a Water-Cooled Laser Power Sensor

water_cooled2 for blog

Thermal laser sensors for high powers are usually water-cooled.  Ophir has water-cooled sensors for powers from 250 W to 100 kW.  There are a few things you might have been wondering about and even some things you might not have considered.  I’ll outline the basic things you should keep in mind to get the best performance from your water-cooled sensor. Read the full article

High Power Laser Beam Profiling:
A Day in the Life of a Laser Cutting Technician


Adam is a laser technician in a steel processing shop.  His job is to make sure the YAG laser system cuts the steel sheets efficiently and effectively.  One day, he noticed that one laser cutter was not performing as well as the others.  It was removing too much metal as it cut, at the same time wasting material, degrading the quality of the cut, and slowing down the process.  From his experience with laser cutters, Adam suspected one or both of two issues with the laser: keep reading

Want a Sneak Peek at Ophir’s Newest Products?


Every year, tens of thousands of photonics professionals and enthusiasts gather together under one roof to share ideas, discover new products and discuss their applications.  Read the full article

How to control an Ophir meter from within your own external software


Systems integrators often need to control an Ophir instrument from within their own system. In this video, you will learn of various solutions for integrating Ophir measurement capabilities with legacy analysis packages. watch the video